Oh, hello. I'm Ajai, "uh-JAY." Like smoking a joint or specifying the eleventh letter of the alphabet. "Raj," like..."Raj." I'm a standup comedian and writer from the mean suburbs of Plano, Texas, now dwelling in the bougie borough of Brooklyn. 

I've performed at the Boston Comedy Festival (2014), the Stand-Up 360 Comedy Festival (2015), the We're Trying Here Festival (2015) and all over New York City. I write a lot, and make music, but mostly you can find me telling jokes and hosting shows wherever fine alcohols are served. 

I also produce a podcast, Notes From A Void, where I combine my interests in comedy, science, and mental health into— well, into a podcast. It's a podcast. 

Look for new episodes every Sunday, or if you prefer, sign up for my newsletter, which comes out weekly and includes a link to the podcast, information about upcoming shows, and a haphazard catalog of my stray thoughts. Do it! What do you have to lose?

See you at a show soon!(?)!

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Photos courtesy of Hunter Peress

Please address all correspondence, booking requests, invoices, bills, invective, questions, dubious propositions, made-up words, rejection letters, school vouchers, religious pamphlets, political screeds, faint praise, and false promises to ajairaj AT gmail DOT com.